Support Services


During the Intake phase, an assessment is made of the individual or family’s needs and referrals are made for requested services. Learn More

Adult Education

The Adult Education program is administered through Wallace Community College. Learn More

Parent Resources

Our services for parents give parents the support they need when dealing with strong-willed children. Learn More

Career and Workplace

Our services for the workplace help individuals reach their career goals. Learn More

Youth & Young Children

Our services give children and parent’s the skills they need to ensure their child is prepared to start its educational journey. Learn More

Success Stories

  • Jasmine credits the Work Plus Program with giving her the support and resources needed to make positive changes in her life and her children’s lives.

    Jasmine’s Story
  • Antonio Craig first came to the career center seeking employment and housing. The CCDC staff provided individualized job interview preparation and basic computer training. An updated resume and assessment of his transferable skills assisted Mr. Craig in securing a temporary position. After successful completion of this assignment, Mr. Craig continued to seek employment with the help of the CCDC staff. Mr. Craig was hired, began working, and continued to seek a second job to secure permanent housing. He secured a second job and reached his goal of moving into his own apartment. With the guidance of the CCDC staff, he was able to remain focused and consistent in his job search and reach his goals.

    Antonio’s Story
  • Barbara Stowers was having issues with her job and reached out to Alfred Saliba for help. She was unsure of how to handle the problem and needed assistance with reevaluating the situation. Through the A-RESET program, she was provided conflict resolution techniques to help her retain her employment. She is grateful to the program for helping her with her social skills, and says she now enjoys interacting with fellow employees and people in the community.

    Barbara’s Story