Coordinated Comprehensive and Accessible Support Services

In the early 1990s Dothan 2000, a community task force, was established. The task force was led by a group of Dothan leaders who understood the human toll of child abuse, teen pregnancy, high school dropout rates and illiteracy in the community. At the same time Dothan 2000 was paving its way, Dothan Mayor Alfred Saliba was researching his own way to help families in need. Mayor Saliba merged his ideas with those of Dothan 2000, and together they were inspired by a successful family resource center in Gainesville, Fl.

Mayor Saliba took the lead in selling the idea of a family resource center to the community, and with the help of the Dothan City School District and the City of Dothan, he secured the 1921 school building to house the family service center. Today, the Saliba Family Services Center had grown into a full-service non-profit social services agency offering prevention and intervention services that strengthen families and help them help themselves.

Our Mission

  • We Believe

    all children deserve to live in a family that provides food, shelter, love and a nurturing environment.

  • We Believe

    all families deserve to live in a community that protects and supports them through policies and programs that ensure the greatest possible cognitive, emotional, social and physical achievement.

  • We Believe

    that to empower families to meet the need of their children and all the members of the family, the current system of community support should be more coordinated, comprehensive, accessible and focused on prevention.

  • We Believe

    such a program must be based on the family concerns, priorities and resources that build on the strengths of the family and identification of formal and informal support systems which will provide any needed assistance.

  • We Believe

    that we must look to the family as the provider of a child’s well-being and as a community provide for those families who may be in need.

Management Team

Belinda Mitchell Executive Director

Jim Hartnett Site Director

Almitra Thomas Grants Manager

Chelsea Dankert HIPPY Coordinator

A'Shaya Pierce Early Head Start Coordinator

Mary Drayton Early Head Start Home Based Program Services Coordinator

Dorothy Harris ERSEA Coordinator

Jennifer Neal Intake Coordinator

Vantney Alums Workforce Development Officer

Nicholas Jones Work Plus Coordinator

Jordan Wilson Program Support & Development Manager

Board Officers

Wes Crowley President

Vimal Patel Vice President


Quinton Snellgrove Treasurer

Angie Saliba

Derek Tiller Dothan Houston County Library System

Carmen Lewis Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

Amanda (Ami) Faust The Faust Law Firm

Corey Kirkland Houston County Public Health Director

Darius McKay Dothan City Schools

Eric Daffron Southeast Health

Wesley Crowley Personnel Resources

Ryan Hendrix Bevis Eberhart

Vimal Patel Bijal of Troy Inc.

Jerrynetta Evans (ECE Rep) Early Head Start Contract Consultant

Mark Saliba (Lifetime Member) Coldwell Banker/Alfred Saliba Realty; Mayor of Dothan

Marian Loftin (Lifetime Charter Member) Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers

Kaye Barbaree (Lifetime Member) Licensed Professional Counselor

Cassandra Woods Southeast Health

Gary Bennett (Lifetime/Charter Member) Southeast Alabama Maternity Care Program