Dalton Lachapelle was referred to the Community Career Development Center in February 2022 to qualify for attending the Basic MIG Welding class offered at the Center. The partnership between Wallace Community College and Alfred Saliba Family Services Center was put into action with this young man. Dalton had dropped out of high school and has no local family to support him. He lives in a group home but does however have lots of support from his counselors and providers at Youth Services. Dalton started welding classes in April 2022 and attended class every day. He did his best to be on time and in attendance perfectly. His attitude was always positive. He did very well in the classes and on June 9, 2022 this 18-year-old young man received his Welding Certification and Diploma for Basic MIG Welding Training. In August 2022 he started working for Ivey Mechanical in Bessemer, Alabama. His first assignment is being part of a team that will build a hospital. This has afforded him the opportunity to learn different welding techniques for certification. Dalton is now certified in scissor lift operation and is performing measurements for the blue prints. His current annual salary is $35,360. He is working toward obtaining certification in stick welding. Upon certification and maintaining employment for ninety days his salary will increase to $54,080. The employer has provided dental, vision, full health coverage, a 401K and disability benefits. The Center also assisted him in obtaining his drivers’ permit so that he will eventually be able to drive himself back and forth to work. CCDC Staff as well as his Youth Services family are so proud of his accomplishments and look forward to seeing where he takes his skills to build his future. One step at a time, Dalton LaChapelle is reaching his goals for stability in his life!